Live and die on this day

Ottway’s Father Wise Words

Yes I’m quoting Ottway in “The Grey”.

Its one of those movies that I want to watch over and over again. I paused in a lot of scenes while I was watching it so I can reflect on what I see in my life. In this movie you can actually see how everyone is viewing his/her life. And makes you think of how tough are you when life plays its nasty role and makes you suffer and struggle.

Makes you question yourself what type of character are you when you face the bitterness of life?

Do you escape by living in your past memories, just wait for someone to pick you up, or have faith and think that God will help you with his super powers, make your troubles hunt you down, start criticizing people around you or Have the balls to save your ass no matter what and without thinking that tomorrow is saving you a better day.

This movie you get to know one of the most important lesson in life; no one is going to pick you up. Sometimes there is no motive in life to keep you energy and motor running. You just fight to survive because you do have a life that is worth living no matter what. You are in a fight and its either you lose or you fight to survive regardless you are going to win or lose the battle. You fight to have the honor of fighting till your last breath.

I would like to end this post by quoting Ottway’s Father wise words;

“Once more into the fray…

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…

Live and die on this day…

Live and die on this day…”

Sufi concert @ Makan


Well, Tuesday definitely is not one of my favorite days of the week. As in Egypt the week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. So on Tuesdays, I feel like I am stuck in the middle of the week,; forgot how refreshed I was at the beginning of the week and desperately waiting for the weekend…

So I decided to do something interesting and attend a concert in “MakanRead more…

Run Forrest run!

I had this nagging thought that I want to run a marathon. And I thought I could search for any marathon event in Ukraine where I will have my 3 months internship. So I came across The Sri Chinmoy 24 hours long distance run.

I decided that I will definitely join in. Read more…

My Youtube Channel

Glad to announce the birth of my new youtube channel where I will be sharing self-edited videos.
Here is my very first video.
Hope you like it)

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16th of May 2011

It’s been a few weeks since I have managed to write anything here. I think I’m not a blogger yet, just a newbie having a go at this blogging lark.

Today I woke up in the morning knowing that my dear friend (Giulia) is no longer in Egypt( Read more…